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By guest, Dec 22 2015 07:07PM

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Oct 3 2017 12:14AM by Sherri Cosner

We have been eating at El Loro, for many years, I think we found it shortly after it opened. If you want really good Mexican food this is the place to go. They take the time to make the food so good and cooked perfectly and hot not luke warm but your food arrives at your table hot. They have this great white sauce for their chips they put on the table thats to die for, you almost want to drink it its sooo good. If you dont think the menu sounds like its enough food you will be happy with it, if you finish it all then you are one big eater, lol. Its very very good food and good service, good atmosphere, all around a great place to eat or drink. You wont be sorry. Authentic Mexican , !!!!!

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